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Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers

ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS (OCC) was founded in 1999 by Paul Teutul Sr. His passionate dedication to the design and manufacture of unique custom made motorcycles won him and OCC a legion of followers, but the brand hit the mainstream when a Discovery Channel reality TV series American Choppers brought them into the spotlight. The show launched on air in 2002 and continues to entertain millions of people worldwide on a weekly basis.


The company has starred in countless TV shows including the hugely popular reality show “American Chopper,” working their way into the hearts of fans, they soon gave rise to a genuine “OCC Mania” which chronicled the turbulent story of a family business that had to deal with more and more ambitious projects, extreme mechanical undertakings, and demanding customers.


In short, the reality stars have become widely-recognised public figures; it wasn’t uncommon for them to appear on the big screen, such as in the famous movie “Wild Hogs,” not to mention the media coverage and the production of memorabilia that accompanied the success of the OCC brand. From movie stars to the NBA and multinationals like Intel and Hard Rock Cafe, the Teutul family have had a long and impressive list of clients from around the globe.


Paul Sr. and his son Mikey joined us for the first time at a major international motorcycle show in Verona, Italy in January 2017 to launch their apparel and accessories range in Europe, through an exclusive multi-year agreement with Burning Rubber UK Limited.


On May 28th 2018 Discovery TV will launch the first of 14 NEW episodes of ‘American Chopper’ which will see the show aired in the USA and Europe at almost the same time rather than some seasons later as often happens. These new episodes bring the Teutul family back together with Paul Teutul Jr. joining Paul Sr and Mikey with the rest of the team at Orange County Choppers to bring the story of their family right up to date!