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Salinas Boys

Salinas Boys

From hot rod to classic customizing. Cole Foster, owner of Salinas Boys Customs, has worked since 1989 moving metal works. In January 2013, Cole Foster was honored to be accepted into the National Hot Rod Hall of Fame. Similar to his father, Pat Foster, who is also represented in the National Drag Race Hall of Fame for his intense and successful career as a racing driver. In 2001, Cole left the Grand National Roadster Show with the award Chip Foose Design of Excellence for his 1956 Ford F100 truck.


Cole creates cars that are clean and have no lines – the easy flow, as this from the thousands of magazine articles to Customs written. They roll on the streets of the quiet California between the bays where the Salinas beaches of Salinas Boys do business.


Foster’s designs were coveted by many rock stars who know something of Hot Rods. Among other stars like Sammy Hagar of Van Halen frontman Mike Ness of the punk band Social Distortion and a 1936 Ford for Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, which was exhibited in the Ford Museum in Detroit and worldwide.


Foster Cole designs are timeless, stylistically and fine , But always sets a statement with the end product. The attention to detail, the maintenance of pure lines and craftsmanship are those of those respected qualities that have seen Salinas Boys work. Passionate and obsessive in the search for the perfect custom is what the artist Cole Foster defines.